A format with the topics weapons and philosophy, sports, hunting, nature and outdoor and everything that interests the contemporary warrior.

We produce videos and reports on topics that interest us personally and would like to give an insight into areas that so far enjoy too little attention in the German-speaking world.

The format of Sapiens Para Bellum is composed of different personalities and characters and is absolutely non-political. #politics refers exclusively to defense, security and geopolitics.

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Responsible for the content:

Stefan Steiner
CEO und Co-Founder

Addiction to adventures and a thirst for knowledge build Stefans motivation.

After several years in the Austrian SOF unit “Jagdkommando”, he studied International Relations, did a lot of sports and now teaches Shooting and Self-Defense to responsible First-Responders. As a firefighter and paramedic on a voluntary basis he is always willing to make the world a bit safer.

“The world lives on people who accomplish more than what is their duty.”

Matthias Schultner
Content Director

Matthias is the creative mind behind SPB. He is an exceptional Photographer and creates our videos, while also dealing with our chaotic visions. He plans and develops our content and graphics and realises it finally while keeping us motivated. He shares our interest in Weapons & Shooting, Outdoor and Action believes in creativity, loyalty and truthfulness.

Mister X

We also have to mention several comrades, colleagues and friends who always support us with ideas and advice while also being our most severe critics. Thank you.

Austria Arms

Last but not least we want to mention Austria Arms who helped us building this channel.

A lot would have not been possible without their effort.
Check out their YouTube-Channel


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