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In the video was actually said everything – but here again a brief summary (spoiler!) & Supplement and my personal conclusion.

We have kindly received from the company Folkward plates & helmet for testing. Of course, we have also met the guys and they are (mainly) smart & sympathetic Viennese.
To fall immediately with the door into the house I showed you at the first meal immediately a screenshot from a forum, where a user claims that these plates do not keep what they promise – (thanks to the user) – so I had them immediately times on the hook.

In the well-known hall of Edelweiss Adventure we could start with our highly scientific & complex test procedures. We shot LvL 3+, 3++ as well as 4 and also the helmet. (Details you can see in the video)

The test winner for me (criterion: price-performance) is the LvL 3+ plate: extremely light, withstands a lot and cheaper than the competitors.

CAVE: Of course, you would have had to shoot LvL 4 with .30-06 several times to really see what the part holds. We may still make up for that BUT to summarize, all plates hold up to multiple firings with 308. Helm steckt problemlos Pistolenkaliber weg. Ist es möglich, dass die Jungs uns ihre Vorzeige Produkte gegeben haben und in Wahrheit billiges Zeug verkaufen wie im Forum behauptet – ja natürlich, denke ich aber nicht. On the contrary, the guys are shelling every shipment themselves and have high standards in their quality management – because they want to make a name for themselves.

Don’t forget: there is a 5% coupon code for the plates – but you have to look for it in the video itself.

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