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What pants are you wearing in the video?

What kind of jacket is that?

Do you have a chest rig? Where can I get one?

Questions that have been asked a lot on my courses. Also the most recurring comment under videos is about my clothing and gear.

There are naturally quite a few good suppliers & reputable manufacturers. If someone doesn’t even know what they want or where to look yet – here’s a shallow introduction to the topic:

Listing of the things presented in the video

1. HanWag (alt. Meindl, Haix, la Sportiva uvm.)

2. hiking/EDC/trekking (Meindl Sahara, Salomon, Lowa etc.)

3. Falke TK2 Wool (TK5 for trekking in summer)

4. 5.11 jeans, Clawgear jeans – more for the boot – wearers

5. long underwear (Helikon Tex, Aclima, Woolpower best)

6. base layer (shirt and turtleneck TORD from Outrider)

7. black Trident belt/holster/MagPouches

8. black folium IFAK (old. Blue Force Gear, TT, Lindnerhof etc.)

9. combat shirts (Clawgear, UF Pro, HelikonTex, Crye)

10. jackets (Outrider for windstopper, rain protection, etc.)

11. cold protection jacket (Carinthia HIG/MIG/Parka) For bikers the HIG is not uninteresting because there is no hood on it!

12. micro fight chest rig from Spiritus Systems, but there are also cheap alternatives from Helikon Tex, Tasmanian Tiger SmallCombi Rig IRR etc.. It does not have to be super modular

13. plate carrier Ferro Concepts FCPC v5 (rather low vis, for more or serviceable Shaw Concepts zzT very exciting. Other brands: Direct Action, Crye, Spiritus Systems, Tasmanian Tiger uvm. also there applies: it must not be super modular)

14. body armor: FOLKWARD (test video already made, will be online in January – our recommendation: Level 3+ & SOF Helmet) helmet cover can be found here.

15. ear pro (3M Peltor variants or EARmor incl. micro or alternatively as a helmet mount for zb. above Folkward helmet, SORDIN is again a class above)

16. backpack suggestion EDC (Under Armour Storm – cheap and quality is good)

17. medic backpack recommendation for advanced user: Tasmanian Tiger First Respnder Move On MKII

18. goggles: Oakley M Frame with light & dark lenses

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