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Be resilient and become self-sufficient is the motto for the coming year, and on top of that you can save money.

Whether you’re a sport shooter, a professional gun owner or a well-groomed tactical larper – it costs money. Who trains in his spare time with firearms puts down quite nicely: Costs for the bang sticks, optics, belt, light, WBK costs, hunting license, membership fees for shooting clubs, IWÖ contribution (recommended in Austria, not only because of legal protection but also representation of interests), membership fees for shooting ranges and then still: ammunition. The prices for usable (but also unusable) ammunition have increased enormously. Not only that – some ammunition in the most common calibers is often quickly out of stock.

So it is a good time to think about reloading. Save the whole to the weapon specialized trade and make independently for itself or its gang ammunition.

No less than Martin Thaler, who has already won 2 national championship titles in IPSC disciplines (strong classes: Production Optics & PCC) and really has a vast knowledge but is also an experienced user, welcomed us and gave us an introduction to the subject of reloading. His calm manner & humility make him a really pleasant person to talk to and we sincerely hope it was not the last video. Especially a video about dry practice and a comparison video between us would be very close to our hearts. What do you think about it?

Attached is a comparison or breakdown of the costs:

(*) Time spent per 1000 (progressive/multi-station press):
Handling cleaning/drying cores approx. 10-30min
Set up and adjust progressive press once: ~3h
Progressive press check settings before loading session: 15min
Loading session: 120min – 50min (depending on setup/ degree of automation)
Caliber change: depending on press 15-30min

(**) Time required per 1000 (progressive/multi-station press):
Handling cleaning/drying of sleeves approx. 10-45min
Progressive press set-up and adjustment once: ~3h
Progressive press check settings before loading session: 15min
Loading: 4h – 50min (depending on setup/ degree of automation, higher effort must be expected for case sorting and preparation, since the case length must be checked and shortened if necessary, otherwise overpressure can occur!)
Caliber change: depending on press 15-30min

(***) Time required per 100(!) (single station press):
Handling cleaning/drying of cases approx. 10-45min
Case preparation (sorting, calibrating, shortening, deburring, if necessary one neck wall thickness turning and deburring of priming hole, if necessary neck/shoulder soft annealing,..) 30min – ~3h+
loading activity: 1h-3h
Surveys, record keeping, evaluation of scattering circles and ballistics/chronograph data, etc… 1-3h (optional)

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